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“Essential? Absolutely. Tera Johnson was my right hand throughout all three seasons of my HGTV show Myles of Style. Her design expertise was critical for me, and now through ‘Essential Elements’ design service, it can be invaluable to you as well.”

- Kim Myles
  Designer/Host for HGTV's Myles of Style


"Tera saved me! She brought her fabulous style, knowledge, hard work, and attention to every detail to TLC's Home Made Simple and made it one of the best seasons ever. With Essential Elements design service everyone can benefit from Tera's expertise and personal attention. It's BRILLIANT!"

- Wanda Colòn
  Designer/Host for TLC's Home Made Simple

"I had the definite pleasure of working with Tera Johnson a few years ago. I should say, I had the pleasure of watching Tera Johnson work. The woman is tireless. She is that person that is the most rare gem of all--she is the first one to arrive, the last one to leave, with nary a complaint and with an eye for detail--she won't stop until the project is perfect. I witnessed it myself. She is razor-like focused on the task at hand; it was fascinating to watch (as I'm quite the opposite). Without a doubt, she was a professional in the truest sense of the word. Tera is the "girl behind the scenes" that the show could not have done without. She was well liked, respected for her work ethic, as well as for her personality. I adored working with her and I would hire her in a flat second."

-Christine H. Huff

We were stumped.  How do we transform our library/catchall room into a beautiful nursery for our daughter? Thankfully, I had the inside track to bring on Tera to help us create the perfect space.  I had no idea how she was going to take our hand me down furniture and mountain of disjointed ideas and create the calm yet stimulating, comfortable and functional space that we wanted. But she did it. Tera has a unique ability to turn your thoughts and ideas into reality but so much better than what you imagined.  It is absolutely perfect and exactly what we wanted.  It is without a doubt our favorite room in the house.

-Lynn Rakowsky