the steps

the visuals


It happens.

Sometimes a room takes on a life of its own. Maybe there isn't enough storage or a paint color didn't turn out as planned. It could be that you've outgrown a style, or you're just ready for a change.

If not knowing where to begin is keeping you from the room you want, you've come to the right place. essential elements' ideas, know-how and experience turns "ho-hum" into a little slice of "home-made paradise."

For us the key to a truly personalized design is knowing what is essential to you...the things that make you smile and feel at home. What are your essential elements?

A picture frame from Mom

Soothing colors
...or BRIGHT colors

Grandma's dining table

That painting you did in high school (that turned out surprisingly good)

Your authentic mid-century pendant light

For each of us the answer is different and lends to our own personal style. At essential elements, we believe that while a show room may be lovely, it lacks a certain personality...YOURS.

´╗┐Let us help you create that special, one-of-a-kind room by building on what is essential to you.