the steps

the visuals


Getting started is easy! Follow these easy steps to set the wheels in motion.


  • First, fill out the Essential Questionnaire. It will tell us what we need to know about your style preferences and what you want for your room.
  • Next, we'll need measurements and pictures of your room and any furniture pieces you plan to keep. Click on the Measure page to get our easy to follow instructions on how to measure your space.
  • Purchase the package you want using the PayPal link at the bottom of the Services page.
  • Scan and upload your images and measurements and email them to Essential elements. Any additional pictures from magazines or ads that represent the styles you like are welcome additions. The more information you want to give us, the better we can judge what you'll like. If scanning and emailing doesn't work for you contact us to get our mailing address, and you can mail your package instead.


Once everything is received, we'll get right to work creating your color or room make-over.

In 2-4 weeks we will mail you inspiration boards created just for you. We'll also follow up with a call to make sure you've received your package and find out if you have any questions.